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The following works will soon be available on the site:

    1. The old circus gymnast
    2. Self-confident (The Bully)
    3. Egyptian motifs. Cleopatras morning
    4. The Tired Soldier (Yuri Nikolaevich)
    5. The Portrait of a Soldier (Yuri Nikolaevich)
    6. The crank and the echo (Igor Shalvovich)
    7. Egyptian motifs. Cleopatras dance
    8. A self-portrait. 1.5 times the natural size
    9. A self-portrait. Night in the sculptors workshop
    10. Evening. Julia
    11. The classic arrangement. A musician sitter
    12. Neptune. Gena
    13. A Rest. Tatiana
    14. A Sketch. Tatiana
    15. Deep in thought (The standing bully)
    16. The sitting one (The Bully)
    17. Meetings at the Pond by Borisov-Musatov.
    18. The portrait of Julia
    19. A self-portrait in a hat
    20. A self-portrait hangover
    21. A sketch. The sleeping one
    22. The Sitting Marina. A sketch.
    23. The stepping one (on a high podium)
    24. Bacchus
    25. Waiting for Juli
    26. The exam drawing for the entrance exams
      at Surikovs Institute. No. 2. The bodybuilder Aleksey.
    27. The exam drawing for the entrance exams
      at Surikovs Institute. No. 1. The bodybuilder Aleksey.
    28. Gayane Lying.
    29. Larisa from the back
    30. Sketches. Three turns (Igor Shalvovich)
    31. The Soldier. The Winner (Yuri Nikolaevich)
    32. The winter self-portrait
    33. The standing Lusya from the back
    34. Before the mirror. Lusya. A sketch from memory
    35. A sketch of Tatiana from the back
    36. The Terminator. (Sasha. A 203cm high sitter)
    37. The Atlas. (Sasha. A 203cm high sitter)
    38. Meditation. (a sketch for the Lusya sculpture)
    39. Cassandras Fortune-Telling
    40. A summer noon 2
    41. A summer noon 1
    42. A summer noon 3
    43. The autumn self-portrait
    44. Three self-portraits uneasy dreams
    45. Three self-portraits uneasy dreams
    46. Three self-portraits uneasy dreams
    47. A sketch. (Slim. The sitting lady)
    48. Sketches. (Slim. The Lady)
    49. The standing one with hands down, a sketch.
    50. The walking Luda. Hands on the head
    51. The standing model with a tail from the back. Dima.
    52. The Portrait of a Girl
    53. A brief sketch. Luda. The tsarina on the throne
    54. A sketch. Good thoughts (Igor Shalvovich) 
    55. Galina.(big)
    56. A sketch. Lusya reading
    57. A sketch. Lusya standing, hands on the head, from the back
    58. Gayane Lying, version 2
    59. A summer self-portrait in a baseball cap
    60. A summer self-portrait in Lenin-styled cap
    61. A sketch. Luda reading
    62. A sketch. Tatiana from the back in ? turns
    63. Neptune. A sketch from the back
    64. The Anatomical Archer from the back
    65. An anatomical gypsum ecorche without hands. A sketch.
    66. The windy day. Landscape.
    67. An evening with a bouquet of flowers
    68. Morning
    69. The Wingless Angel
    70. A sketch. The sitting one from the back.
    71. A sketch. The sitting one, clothed on a chair
    72. A rest on the grass version 2
    73. A rest on the grass version 1
    74. Sculpture sketches
    75. Vladimir Solovyov (sketches of a sculptural composition, three turns)
    76. Sketches of sculptures on fairy-tale subjects
    77. The Small Autumnal Self-Portrait
    78. Three sketches of Gayane
    79. The Guardian Angel with a Candle. The clock of life
    80. A still life. August. Morning. (a motif on Aleksey Krainyukovs theme)
    81. A Rest. Tatiana. Version 2


Meetings at the pond by B. Borisov-Musatov. (Self-portrait-reflection).

 Paper, water color, color pencils (mixed technics). 1995,  4534 sm. 



This graphic work has been performed by me when I became a coeval - with 90 years difference with the artist who managed to create a unique, spiritually filled, harmonious art world, having lived only 35 years more >>


fragment of Self-portrait                              fragment Sister and wife




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Julias portrait.

8257 sm. paper, pencil-die

 (method of drawing by a plane of broken piece of lead of graphitic pencil, 3-4 sm, flatwise - i.e. die). 


I used to work with this model for a half a year more >>


Fragments Julias portrait.

She easily posed having deeply plunged in herself being discharged and self-sufficient more >>


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4330 cm.  paper, pencil-die.



I consider this Self-portrait to be successful: both in terms of figurative decision, and the manner of performance more >>




A technique of drawing with die has completely justified itself here more >>



I think, that here am more similar to myself, than in a mirror, than in a real life more >>


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An old circus gymnast

 6243 cm., paper, pencil-die.



This picture is already many years old, the paper has turned yellow, there are some water smudges, the edges are torn and warn more >>



Fragments An old circus gymnast.





This picture was made within one session at the evening painting when we hired for our money the best models at our choice more >>


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